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Alaphia Harris is a Los Angeles born and based artist. Originally self-taught, Alaphia began creating at the age of 4 as a space of retreat and solstice from the violence and disconnect of her surroundings, thus, art became Alaphia's first language. She pursued art school as a means of honing her gift, graduating from Otis College of Art and Design, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2002, and went on to further her education and self awareness by studying both master's level Fine Art, as well as Clinical Counseling Psychology.

Artistic influences felt throughout Alaphia’s work includes that of Jackson Pollack, Wassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Jean-Michel Basquiat and a host of contemporary artists.  Alaphia’s work has been exhibited at WCLAC Urban Arts Center, UCLA, several galleries and is collected by various patrons.

Alaphia has a technical background in figurative, abstract drawing and painting, as well as studio photography with a focus on self-exploration and transference, happenstance and control. Collectively, Alaphia's work explores the communication between conscious and the unconscious mind to create landscapes of tangible emotion and a language of the unspoken. Alaphia's work shifts between automatic expressionistic painting techniques and very detailed, pen and ink.

Current work includes automatic drawing, painting and a limited series of unisex wearable fine art. Wearable work is one of one, signed, numbered and unique to her muse. All work is created entirely organically and freehand...no rulers, technical aids or predetermined ideas.

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